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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Phoenix

Bringing Phoenix Smiles Back

Have you or someone you know in Phoenix needed restorative dentistry? If so, you know just how overwhelming the whole process can be. So many decisions to be made…so many costs to consider. That’s why Dr. Lucas Brimley and his team at Diazo Family Dental & Braces are here. We are dedicated to making even the most complex dentistry easy to understand and afford.

We recognize that when something goes wrong with your smile, what you want most is:

  • A gentle touch
  • A compassionate approach
  • And a full understanding of what is happening and what you need to stop your pain and repair your smile

We want you to feel like part of our family – so we build trust with you before the worst happens. We also do our utmost to prevent the need for restorative care at all!

When Life Happens – Phoenix Restorative Dentistry to the Rescue

Even those who are diligent about brushing and flossing… Even those who are careful about drinking too much soda or eating too many sugary snacks…And, yes, even those who keep up with all their professional dental care can need restorative dentistry.

There you are, going about your business, and CRACK! there goes a filling or a crown. A tooth chips. A toothache flares up. What can you do? Call Diazo Family Dental and Braces, your choice for restorative dentistry in Phoenix! From cavity fillings or dental crowns to repair and restore your teeth to root canals and oral surgery to stop your pain and clear infection, our dentistry comes to the rescue – when you need it the most. We take emergencies – and will do our best to fit you in the day you call.

And if you need Phoenix restorative dentistry because you have avoided the dentist…

If anxiety has kept you from getting the care you need…

or if financial worries have kept you from taking care of your smile…

…don’t worry about that either! We are here to help, not judge. Talk to us. We will do everything we can to:

  • Soothe away your worries and fears
  • Keep you comfortable at all times
  • Maximize your insurance and make payments manageable
  • Get your smile back in shape for better health and wellbeing in the long run

Everyone deserves a healthy smile – and your restorative dentist in Phoenix at Diazo Family Dental & Braces is here to help you get it!


Well… you have a cavity. No one likes getting that news. Kids don’t. Teens don’t. And grown-ups especially don’t. Here’s the good news: If you count on Diazo Family Dental & Braces, your restorative dentist in Phoenix, cavity fillings don’t have to be an ordeal or an embarrassment. We make sure you are perfectly comfortable through the cavity preparation process and can talk kids through it so they don’t feel nervous at all. Even better, we use only tooth-colored composite fillings to repair cavities. Tooth-colored fillings match the tooth they are repairing so no one can see you had a repair. What’s more, they:

  • Cause less sensitivity than metal fillings do
  • Won’t shift in your teeth with temperature changes
  • Are flexible, long-lasting, and strong
  • Feel smoother to your tongue and are gentle on oral tissues
  • Can be used for chewing immediately after Novocaine has worn off

If you are worried that you might have a cavity, don’t avoid us – ask us about our tooth-colored composite fillings today!

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Crowns – they really are royalty in our dental lineup! Just like porcelain veneers, dental crowns from your restorative dentist in Phoenix repair, cover, and strengthen teeth in all kinds of circumstances. Dental crowns can:

  • Create a new tooth surface for an extra damaged, fractured, or weakened tooth
  • Support and protect a tooth that has had a large cavity or needs a filling removed
  • Offer structure and a new chewing surface when there has been extreme enamel damage or wear
  • Reconstruct a malformed or decayed tooth
  • Beautify and perfect any tooth

Crowns can also act as the replacement tooth in a dental implant system or be created to act as a prosthetic tooth and anchor a bridge.

In a bridge system, crowns are used as both attachments and replacement teeth. Supporting crowns are bonded or attached to your remaining teeth surrounding the opening, while a prosthetic crown fills and “bridges” the gap.

No more damaged, decayed, weak, or missing teeth!

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Partial & Full Dentures

Missing teeth are never something you wish for. But sometimes, neither are dentures. That’s why Diazo Family Dental & Braces offers dental implants, the most advanced tooth-replacement restorative dentistry in Phoenix. Although we recommend dental implants to all of our patients when they lose teeth, it is an unfortunate fact that everyone may not be able to have them. Some patients have just worn dentures too long and have too much bone loss. Others have medical conditions or situations that simply won’t allow for implant surgery. Whatever your reason, whatever your circumstance, we are here to help you get a smile you can not only live with but also one you can love! Our full and partial dentures are not like the ones cranked out by denture mills. Instead, we make sure each set of full or partial dentures we make:

  • Fits you securely
  • Looks more like your natural smile
  • Functions comfortably so you can enjoy your food and speak with confidence

If you are missing teeth, please talk to us. You may qualify for bone-and-smile-saving dental implants – or for our outstanding, cosmetically-designed partial of full dentures.

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Never heard of endodontics? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is, “a branch of dentistry concerned with diseases of the pulp.” Still not clear? It’s actually pretty simple: Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with root canals. But hold on. Before you scroll past those dreaded words, we’d like to educate you on one more important thing. Root canals don’t warrant the negative reputation they seem to have. Instead of causing pain, root canals from Dr. Lucas Brimley, your Phoenix restorative dentist, STOP your pain and SAVE your tooth. It’s true! Here’s the easy explanation – inside your tooth is a network of nerves, blood vessels, and tissue that is crucial to the growth of your teeth. Once teeth have reached maturity, this pulp becomes inactive. It is also prone to infection. When a cavity or other decay gets serious enough, it causes an infection inside your tooth, in that pulp. And that can hurt. A lot! Root canals are often the solution. During a root canal we:

  • Open your tooth the way we would prepare for a cavity repair
  • Clear away all the infected pulp – all the way down into your root canals
  • Disinfect the inside of your tooth
  • Fill your tooth and root canals with a special material
  • Seal and strengthen your tooth with a dental crown

The pain stops, your tooth is saved, and you can get back to living. Endodontics! It’s a tooth saver!

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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is another one of those procedures you may not want to hear you need. Lucky for you, your Phoenix restorative dentist, Dr. Lucas Brimley, has years of experience and advanced training in all aspects of oral surgery. That means, at the moment you need to be with a dentist you know and trust the most, you absolutely can. No referrals, no worries, and no traveling to a new office you aren’t familiar with.

  • Do you have a damaged, severely decayed tooth that just can’t be saved by any of our other restorative methods? We do all levels of tooth extractions right here. We can even replace an extracted tooth with a dental implant!
  • Does your teenager have wisdom teeth that need to be removed? Dr. Brimley can take care of that too. His skill and gentle approach make him a favorite for Phoenix restorative dentistry like wisdom-tooth extractions.
  • We can even take care of advanced issues like bony extractions so you never have to rely on strangers again.

Don’t let the idea of oral surgery get you down – get your health and your smile back at the comfortable, homey office you trust – Diazo Family Dental & Braces.

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Dental Implants

Here at Diazo Family Dental and Braces, we can help you get dental implants easily, comfortably, and affordably.

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